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I am blessed to have a great team. A team which appreciates and supports each other.

I remember recently asking one of our team members, who’d been with us a few years, how the new team member was getting on. She responded with ‘yes, really well, but whenever anyone new starts they’re always really nice’.

Hearing that meant a lot to me. It meant that my team felt comfortable when others joined them, but also that they welcomed new starters with open arms.

When interviewing I always keep in mind my business ethos, attitude and the rest of the team. I will always chose a new team member based on the way they are and their beliefs fit with me and the team. 

An unhappy team does show to your customers. Upsets within the team can also bring others down and make it a less enjoyable place to work.

You can train someone skills, and if they are willing to learn and have a manner that will slot in with the team then it will only keep the rest of team motivated and happy.

A succeeding team is always a happy team, so their happiness means a lot to me.HABA 2015

What team values are important to you?